Frank Bell

Originally a classically-trained cellist, Frank Bell later expanded his instrumental arsenal as a way to further express himself as an artist. As an outlet, Frank began posting videos of his songs on YouTube, which brought him international attention and 800,000 video views (in four days) after being featured on their homepage. Shortly after, he flew to Canada to record his debut EP ‘On Passion and Reason’, a folky, neo-soul acoustic rock album which would later be released independently worldwide with famed Producer Bill Bell (Tom Cochrane, Jason Mraz, and more).

In 2010 Frank was named the HATCH GROUNDBREAKING Musician (, where he recorded a song with Matt Morris (Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera) on a original track aboard the John Lennon Tour Bus. Recent appearances on MTV, at the Sundance Film Festival, a Times Square NYE Concert, IdeaJam moderated by Ashton Kutcher, and Sold-out shows in Europe, continue to grow Frank’s awareness and fan base.

Frank is also in tune with global needs. March of 2010, Frank could be seen on CNN, ABC World News with Dianne Sawyer, and other international news outlets, for a “We are the World” collaboration he participated in to aid Haiti relief efforts. In March of 2011 Frank led multiple ventures for Japan Tsunami Relief. He continues to work closely with non-profits and other charitable organizations as his career progresses, believing fully in social responsibilities and helping to raise awareness of what’s going on in the world.

Since August of 2010, Frank found himself back and forth Bozeman, MT, where he teamed up with Producer, Deej Hofer to begin recording the highly anticipated full length LP “Everything Falls Into Place”, which was released October 11, 2011.

In March of 2014, Frank was announced as the official Music Brand Ambassador for Skype which since has led to his participation on a panel at TED 2014 with fellow artist Amanda Palmer, and Imogen Heap.

Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Shows

03 Jun 2016 New York, New York Rockwood Music Hall Rockwood Music Hall Buy ticket - $12

Past Shows

26 May 2016 Somerville, MA The Center for Arts at the Armory The Center for Arts at the Armory
07 Apr 2016 Brooklyn, New York The Haylaught The Haylaught
14 Mar 2016 Brooklyn, New York Pete's Candy Store Pete's Candy Store
27 Feb 2016 Cambridge, MA Cantab Lounge Cantab Lounge
25 Feb 2016 Brooklyn, New York Cafe Noir/Hellphone Cafe Noir/Hellphone
03 Feb 2016 New York, New York Rockwood Music Hall Rockwood Music Hall
11 Dec 2015 New York, New York Exile Above 2A Exile Above 2A
03 Dec 2015 Somerville, MA The Burren The Burren
28 Nov 2015 Brooklyn, New York The Living Room The Living Room
24 Nov 2015 Cambridge, MA Lilypad Lilypad
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